Thursday, April 9, 2009

Terrible turned Terriffic!!

So as I stated before, I have a name for everyday of the week. So Tuesday is Terrible Tuesday because nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday. But this week my Terrible Tuesday was Terrific!! I seen "MR.MAN" AGAIN!!! && once again, it was perfect. This time he spent the night ova my house && I enjoyed it. It was just like the good ol days when we was actually together. We've known each other for like five years && went together twice for a total of two years && here comes the good part. We haven't fucked until this week!! Wow I knw!! Talk about a bitch think she bad...... any who. I knew he would brighten up my day && that he absolutely did. Thanx "MR.MAN"!!!

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the "happy" one. said...

that's right girl, turn that frown upside down!