Monday, April 6, 2009

My first blog!!

Hello world!

I've lately been reading a lot of different types of blogs && stuff && loved the whole blogging idea. At first I didn't know wtf a blog was but now I think I love blogs. I feel I have a pretty interesting life so hey, why not let the world see a little side of me. I'm a simple prissy hood chick. I dnt take the prissy shit to the extreme..... I'm just a lady. Not a bitch. I'm a diva. Not because of Beyonce' cause I'm def not a fan of hers. But I'm truly a diva. Hood because of my mentality and what I stand for. I love simple things. Doesn't take much to plz me. But I do love going all out sometimes because I mean what girl doesn't love that stuff. Everyone likes to feel special every now &&d again. Um..... I guess as time goes on you guys will learn more and more about me. You can watch me go from total bliss to pissed off completely. I'll make this short since it's only my first blog.


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