Friday, April 24, 2009

My shit!!!

So I absolutely <3 this song. This shit not new anymore or anything but i <3! Every time I hear this song I stop what the fuck I'm doing and just JUUG. Call me hood, call me ghetto, call me country but this is my mutha fuckin shit. This shit beat down da block. Every time I listen to this song I feel like I should be standing on top of something, bunkin with a drink in my hand. Shit maybe two. If you aint been put on to J Money (First nam Last name) by now, let me formally introduce you. Ladies && gentleman, the inventor to all this futuristic shit. Mr. J Money, First name Last name. Listen to what he saying in this song. If you can't relate to not a dam quote or phrase in this song, ion knw what ta tell ya. But I definately dnt fuck with ya. We wouldn't even get along. This not the version I perfer, but it'll have to do for now, just so you can get the picture. Turn yo speakers all the way up when you listen to this.

First Name, Last Name - J. Money

Now tell me that's not your new favorite song. Up north ppl probably wont like it but I can give two fucks less. Really. Listen
" Ray Charles diamond that'll blind the WHOLE nation."

" Real trap scholar, all about my dollar, call the news && the jail like I hit the lotto."

"Shine, Stunt, Ball hard. Yea dats da motto"

"Streets den fucked up, some say I lucked up, and I was at the BOTTOM now I'm at the top STUCK. I'm super swagged up, seven days a week, n 365 you can catch me chasin chesse."

Man wtf. Ion even have no more to say. Listen to dis man shit. Real nigga shit. Spread the word on him too. Swagg yaself up wit some J Money.


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