Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Move Monday

So yesterday was my first day having a blog. I have no followers but myself : ). I have a name for everyday of the week. Yesterday was no move Monday and it never fails that it's never a move on Monday. So after I got all excited about finally gettin up the balls to create my on blogspot, I sat around for a while and jus got STOOPID fucked up. sad thing about it was it was only like 5 p.m. I need a effin job bad.

Off subject I realized I have shaky hands. Idk. The sad thing is I dnt expect today to be any better. It's Terrible Tuesday. Something always goes bad on tuesday. Only thing I'm looking forward to today is seeing "MR. MAN". That'll brighten my day up jus fine.

Hope I gain more followers today. Read. Enjoy. Comment. Love!

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