Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing new

So lately, nothing exciting has happened. What a bummer. Any who, I have one new follower!!! Yay me!! Yesterday was 4:20!! All the smokers out there, I hope yall burnt it down on nothing but loud. I've noticed for like the past two years, non-smokers have just been making a big deal of this great day. OMG. What for? It's a smoking day, just leave it at that. If you love shoes, and there is one day out the year where you can get any shoe for free, all day long. You wouldn't ask questions, you'd be out there getting them free shoes. Get it now? If not, I'm glad I'm not as slow as you. Moving along, I've seen some crazy shit lately and I'll surely post it later. I just wanted to post somthing updated seemingly I have some annomous lurkers. So hey, just wanted to keep you posted. Become a follower and make me feel better, or at least drop a comment so I can have somthing to do lol. Read! Comment!! Love!!! Enjoy!!!!


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