Monday, April 6, 2009

"MR.MAN" && I

So I seen HIM yesterday. We'll just call HIM, "MR.MAN".

We've known each other since I was in like the 8th grade. When we first met each other, we was going at it. Just cursing each other out && everything. But I liked that shit. So we became cool && was just real good patnas for like a year or so before we finally made it official. We had a good relationship for the most part. It had bumps and curves( lying && cheating ((not on my part))) but we were happy with each other && that's what makes ppl stay together. So we went at it for about a year && some change && ended our relationship but we remained good friends, considering the fact that we knew each other for a while before we started dating.

So while we're "just friends", mind you we fell in love and went thru some shit while we were together. Any who, "MR. MAN" deciedes he wants to better himself and get out of the street life which I was DEF all for by joining the ARMY. So while I wanted to my friend/lover better himself, I didnt want him to leave. But he did && came back a SEEMINGLY changed man.

So he comes back && approches me on sum getting back together shit. I wasn't having it. At least I thought I wasn't lol. We get back together, go at it for about 6 or 7 months I say && he breaks up with me AGAIN. So I'm just hurt, heart broken.......hell I was pissed the fuk off. But thru it all, we ALWAYS remained friends.

So I haven't talked to this nigga for I say a year && some change. But I knew he would be leaving to go to IRAQ : ( soon so I figured I'd get back in contact with my favorite person.

So I seen "MR. MAN" yesterday : ). It was great. Perfect. I'm just gonna go out on da limb and say WOW. I'm his property, "so he says" and its true cause he's def mines. I'm not gne get too cocky on yall and say I'm ALWAYS #1 but dam. What I will say is "MR. MAN" ALWAYS comes home : ).

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