Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stay Positive

Everyone needs a few words of encouragement every once n a while. It really helps because you never really know how someones day is going. So for everybody out there getting it, aim higher. For everybody out there that's down and out, it's not gonna last forever. Goods always out weigh the bad. Don't put off what you can do today for tomorrow. For all you guys out there without a job, be persistent. And don't be lazy. A person who sit around and sleep all day can't do nothing but dream, and Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream but he died before he could see it come true. Be inspired and strive to be great. Knowledge is power. Never let your emotions out weigh your intelligence. And always watch your sack( money, anything) cause a nigga dnt give a fuck about yo sack and is ALWAYS waiting to catch you slipping. I hope everyone feels the need to go and do something with dey self. Go make some money or take care of ya family. And always watch ya sack.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ugh... thighs

So ladies, have you ever wished you had bigger thighs? If you answered no, you're smart. If you answered yes, trust me, you don't.
Having big thighs are crazy. Your pants will be super tight around the thighs and too big around the waist. WTF. It's hard to find pants to fit and you might even have to go UP in pants size. No chick wants to do that. It hurt my feelings when I had to do that. Also if your not used to wearing belts, they will become a necessity in your wardrobe, unless you like showing your ass.
It's just an inconvenience. All your shorts will always be rising above them and make your short shorts look extremely short. Ugghhh.....
Just a heads up for you ladies. I wish I had this heads up.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I always wanted to be on T.V. saying this when I got famous but I feel like I could do a rough draft here on my blog that nobody follows so hey, here it goes.

There is no place in the world like the A! You could never get this much entertainment, good looking people and weather anywhere else on earth. Atlanta got a swag of it's own. We might be a lil country and ghetto down here but shit, if you like the south, thick chicks, and some good ass home cooking, then you need to come to the A! We also got this Futuristic shit going on down here. Mostly ppl from WEST Atlanta are on this futuristic shit for real. I don't know if this style is known nation wide but if you seen young LA on t.v. then thats the perfect example. All the mohawk shawties ( which are sexy as fuck!!) and the black boy swag, white boy tags shit. That's when you see a nigga with a bunch of Polo, Areo, Hollister or any of that stuff on. he on his futuristic shit. Man ppl down here do shit you would never see anywhere else. It's the land of hood celebrities. PPl dat just have stupid gwap that's from ya hood and just on the grind. Hood rich id the term. But you will grt killed out here so be safe if/when you visit. Hope you have a blast here cause it's so much to do even when there's nothing to do.

Took my micros out


It's my fav. color. I like it. So you should <3 it!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So it's been a minute.

Hey you guys.

Wow. A lot has happened while I've been gone but not really. Hehe. So "MR.MAN" was being nosy and finally read my blog. I didn't ever want him to read it but shit, it's whatever. He already know what it is. Uhm, You guys. I just wanted a new blog. I'm kinda distracted right now though. Get back with you whores later