Tuesday, June 30, 2009

PEEK a boo!!

So MYSOCALLEDFABULOUSLIFE is giving away a new Peek phone. Go there and read her review. The winner gets one free month of service with the phone!! Isn't that just great!! Just what I need in my life.

Monday, June 29, 2009


So the 4th song on my current play list( Young LA Bow) is kinda nice. I mean everytime I listen to it I feel like fuckin. Give it a listen and see if it gets you goin. Drop me a comment on how this song made you feel. I'm curious to see if it's jus me.

Eyezaddiction Birthday giveaway

So the chick over at eyezaddiction is giving away stuff cause it's her birthday. I'm tryna get in on da goods, Happy Birthday!

Stephie J giveaway

Stephie J is having her first giveaway. It's pretty cool too. Check her out for your chance to win.

Only x lindah

So this chick over at onlyxlindah is having a giveaway. It's really nice. All u have ta do is guess ha age.

I got a package

SO on Thursday I received a package form Claire over at Lacquer Laine. I got Two Sally Hansen Hi-Definition nail polishes. One in 08 Hi-Res and one in 02 Blu. I will do a review on these two when I do my nails. But thanks Claire, I got your package Thursday!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Real world

So I would totally go on the real world. Free drinks, food, and clubbing. Shit I could go on vacay for like 2 months and come back refreshed. + I know there has never been a chick like me on real world b4. && I would hope my best bitch got on the show too so we could shut where ever city down together.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nancylauren giveaway!!

Nacylauren is having a sweet ass giveaway!! Check it out here.

Flyaway Jewelry Giveaway!!

So I've won 2 giveaways so far so now I'm hooked. Flyaway has beautiful jewelry and I would love to rock their shit!! Go here for details!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The sexiest shoe a woman could EVER wear

Platforms are the sexiest!!! Point blank period. Gucci and Christian Louboutin does a FANTABULOUS job at creating sex for your feet without looking slutted out. Every woman should have AT LEAST one pair of platform heels in her closet!! If not, shit you are seriously missing out!! I feel like these are those most feminine shoes created. OMG

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Man. Ion have NO followers!!!! I've had this blog for a while and still no followers!!! Like I gotta counter so I know ppl be browsing but I want sum mutha fuckin followers!!! I got interesting shit to say but no one to listen(read). Ugh u suck massive dick if ur not a follower of my awesome blog bitchesss.

That is all

My boo

So "MR.MAN" is cumin home at da end of next week!! I can't wait.... I know I'm gonna be missing for a couple days cause I miss him. I'm n da process of teachin myself dis new trick I saw n everything. I know he'll love it. But its not what u guys think..... I know yall prolly thinkin sumn crazy. But dam I haven't seen him in months. MONTHS!!!! It's definately goin dowwwwn. Everywhere. From when I pick him up from da airport til I can't take n e more.... n it's been months so I got sum shit built up. It's like each day I get more n more excited. Ion even wan blog n e more.... I'm ready 4 my baby 2 cum home to me. Until den

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I won the Revlon Lash & Nail contest!!! I can't wait to get my package!!!! It's my first time getting something free in the mail!!!! And the first time I win a contest online!!! Yay!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living in a different world

As people, we grow and experience different things as we go through life. Depending on who brought you into this world, you experience different things at different moments in life. Some people will never go through some of the things you go through and learn the lessons you've learned. Me personally, I've just come to realize everybody doesn't live in the same world, even though we're all here on earth. See I'm living in the real world now. Before, my world was sheltered like all the rich people. They all live in an imaginary world where you get what you want with no hardships. You're just handed and given shit. No work necessary. Just ask n you got it. Now I realize dat there's another world out there. The real world, where people are poor, can't provide for their families, money tight like a sum bitch. People will rob you, kill you and run all through yo shit. I knew it was real before but I ain't really give a fuck, not til I was with them. No money, nowhere to stay. I was willing to do ALMOST anything to get some money. Rob a nigga, I had to get it by hook or crook. Shit I still live in this rough ass world. You gotta get out here n grind. Ain't nobody gone hand you shit. If you want sumn, go get it ya dam self, cause in the end, when you got yo own shit that u knw u bussed yo ass for, it'll feel way better den being handed anything. I love a hustla, cause I know they hungry. Thay gotta get it and they ain't gone wait around for nobody to hand dem shit. I also love a slacker. A nigga dat don't give a fuck about his sack. If you don't give a fuck about it den I don't either, n I'ma take it. You can't trust NOBODY. That's the world I live in. A world where I gotta go get it. When you see me wit dat hot shit, you know I got it my self n it's hard earned.
Not having to work for shit like paris hilton could be great, but I rather earn my shit.I'm glad I switched worlds cause my circle of friends changed along with it. No moochin, stuck up hoes in my click. Jus sum hustlin ass hood bitches!!!N I luv em

How you know you got IT Pt. 1

All chicks claim to be BAD. All chicks think they just that bitch. But how can you tell you are one of the few bad bitches out there? If you can leave yo house, and come home fucked up... I mean pissy drunk, and you aint spent not a penny, den u a bad bitch. Don't get me wrong, in order to be bad you gotta have ya own, but what's better den saving yo shit n spending somebody else's shit? If a nigga look at you and tip you, for no apparent reason, you a bad bitch. If everytime you leave yo house and come home with more moneey den you left wit, you a bad bitch. If you out here grinding, making sure you straight, you a bad bitch. If you can ball jus cause n not only when you can, you a bad bitch my sista. If you ain't depending on nobody n got ya own shit, baby girl you a 5 star bitch. If you know how to use ya 3 B's(Brain's, Beauty, and Booty) you can have it all. The sky is da limit. But ya can't be no dumb hoe. Gots ta know dat. I just thought I should state sum facts. I'll probably have another part to this, so if you a bad bitch so far, keep up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pinkfish Pie contest!!

So lately I've been searching through blogs and have been coming across a lot of different kinds of contests. I <3 free shit and I'm pretty good when it comes to make-up so I figured why not try n win some free products. I can try them free n if I don't like em then ion ever have to spend money on em. N e who..... Pinkfish Pie is having a giveaway. For all the info you can click the pic. I hope I win this contest cause I surely did loose the last one.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Revlon Lash & Nail Giveaway

This lovely makeup mama is giving away some fab lashes and nails. I hope I win the contest cause I've never tried Revlon lashes and the Intensifying lashes look great!