Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How you know you got IT Pt. 1

All chicks claim to be BAD. All chicks think they just that bitch. But how can you tell you are one of the few bad bitches out there? If you can leave yo house, and come home fucked up... I mean pissy drunk, and you aint spent not a penny, den u a bad bitch. Don't get me wrong, in order to be bad you gotta have ya own, but what's better den saving yo shit n spending somebody else's shit? If a nigga look at you and tip you, for no apparent reason, you a bad bitch. If everytime you leave yo house and come home with more moneey den you left wit, you a bad bitch. If you out here grinding, making sure you straight, you a bad bitch. If you can ball jus cause n not only when you can, you a bad bitch my sista. If you ain't depending on nobody n got ya own shit, baby girl you a 5 star bitch. If you know how to use ya 3 B's(Brain's, Beauty, and Booty) you can have it all. The sky is da limit. But ya can't be no dumb hoe. Gots ta know dat. I just thought I should state sum facts. I'll probably have another part to this, so if you a bad bitch so far, keep up.

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