Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My boo

So "MR.MAN" is cumin home at da end of next week!! I can't wait.... I know I'm gonna be missing for a couple days cause I miss him. I'm n da process of teachin myself dis new trick I saw n everything. I know he'll love it. But its not what u guys think..... I know yall prolly thinkin sumn crazy. But dam I haven't seen him in months. MONTHS!!!! It's definately goin dowwwwn. Everywhere. From when I pick him up from da airport til I can't take n e more.... n it's been months so I got sum shit built up. It's like each day I get more n more excited. Ion even wan blog n e more.... I'm ready 4 my baby 2 cum home to me. Until den

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