Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living in a different world

As people, we grow and experience different things as we go through life. Depending on who brought you into this world, you experience different things at different moments in life. Some people will never go through some of the things you go through and learn the lessons you've learned. Me personally, I've just come to realize everybody doesn't live in the same world, even though we're all here on earth. See I'm living in the real world now. Before, my world was sheltered like all the rich people. They all live in an imaginary world where you get what you want with no hardships. You're just handed and given shit. No work necessary. Just ask n you got it. Now I realize dat there's another world out there. The real world, where people are poor, can't provide for their families, money tight like a sum bitch. People will rob you, kill you and run all through yo shit. I knew it was real before but I ain't really give a fuck, not til I was with them. No money, nowhere to stay. I was willing to do ALMOST anything to get some money. Rob a nigga, I had to get it by hook or crook. Shit I still live in this rough ass world. You gotta get out here n grind. Ain't nobody gone hand you shit. If you want sumn, go get it ya dam self, cause in the end, when you got yo own shit that u knw u bussed yo ass for, it'll feel way better den being handed anything. I love a hustla, cause I know they hungry. Thay gotta get it and they ain't gone wait around for nobody to hand dem shit. I also love a slacker. A nigga dat don't give a fuck about his sack. If you don't give a fuck about it den I don't either, n I'ma take it. You can't trust NOBODY. That's the world I live in. A world where I gotta go get it. When you see me wit dat hot shit, you know I got it my self n it's hard earned.
Not having to work for shit like paris hilton could be great, but I rather earn my shit.I'm glad I switched worlds cause my circle of friends changed along with it. No moochin, stuck up hoes in my click. Jus sum hustlin ass hood bitches!!!N I luv em

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