Friday, April 24, 2009

My shit!!!

So I absolutely <3 this song. This shit not new anymore or anything but i <3! Every time I hear this song I stop what the fuck I'm doing and just JUUG. Call me hood, call me ghetto, call me country but this is my mutha fuckin shit. This shit beat down da block. Every time I listen to this song I feel like I should be standing on top of something, bunkin with a drink in my hand. Shit maybe two. If you aint been put on to J Money (First nam Last name) by now, let me formally introduce you. Ladies && gentleman, the inventor to all this futuristic shit. Mr. J Money, First name Last name. Listen to what he saying in this song. If you can't relate to not a dam quote or phrase in this song, ion knw what ta tell ya. But I definately dnt fuck with ya. We wouldn't even get along. This not the version I perfer, but it'll have to do for now, just so you can get the picture. Turn yo speakers all the way up when you listen to this.

First Name, Last Name - J. Money

Now tell me that's not your new favorite song. Up north ppl probably wont like it but I can give two fucks less. Really. Listen
" Ray Charles diamond that'll blind the WHOLE nation."

" Real trap scholar, all about my dollar, call the news && the jail like I hit the lotto."

"Shine, Stunt, Ball hard. Yea dats da motto"

"Streets den fucked up, some say I lucked up, and I was at the BOTTOM now I'm at the top STUCK. I'm super swagged up, seven days a week, n 365 you can catch me chasin chesse."

Man wtf. Ion even have no more to say. Listen to dis man shit. Real nigga shit. Spread the word on him too. Swagg yaself up wit some J Money.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing new

So lately, nothing exciting has happened. What a bummer. Any who, I have one new follower!!! Yay me!! Yesterday was 4:20!! All the smokers out there, I hope yall burnt it down on nothing but loud. I've noticed for like the past two years, non-smokers have just been making a big deal of this great day. OMG. What for? It's a smoking day, just leave it at that. If you love shoes, and there is one day out the year where you can get any shoe for free, all day long. You wouldn't ask questions, you'd be out there getting them free shoes. Get it now? If not, I'm glad I'm not as slow as you. Moving along, I've seen some crazy shit lately and I'll surely post it later. I just wanted to post somthing updated seemingly I have some annomous lurkers. So hey, just wanted to keep you posted. Become a follower and make me feel better, or at least drop a comment so I can have somthing to do lol. Read! Comment!! Love!!! Enjoy!!!!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last night

Last night was horrible. I could not sleep worth shit. All I kept dreaming about was "MR.MAN". Not that it's a bad thing but gosh. I kept waking up trying to change my thoughts but it didn't work. Not at all. I wonder what that means, if anything. Like why is dis nigga stuck on my mind? Am I on his mind like dis too? Lol I kinda think I am. We've been on a great note lately. Well I'm very tired and today is gonna be a long boring day. I'll probably blog some more later.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm so <3'n this

I love Kimora because she is simply fabulous. She made a name for herself in the industry and now she's rich, living the perfect life. She has ppl kissing her ass and two beautiful daughters. We all know she can be a bit much at times but I still <3. I think Djimon is EXACTLY what Kimora needs in her life. Someone to calm her down sometimes. I think they're the perfect balance for each other. Every woman needs someone she can just surrender herself to && that's exactly what Djimon is for her. &+ they're so effin cute together. I can't wait to see what the baby looks like.

"MR.MAN" is leaving

I'm not sad at the moment cause it has not really set in that he is leaving. My "MR. MAN" is in the army and is being deployed on Friday. I can't get him off my mind. I don't know what I'm going to do while he's gone. I told him I would behave myself and I will while he's gone. Last night was perfect. He showed up at my door in his army uniform. I felt so special, like I never noticed when women say, "Men in uniforms are sexy", but that shit is true. Of course I got him up out of it *wink*. Honestly, last night was the best sex I've EVER had. I don't know if its because he's leaving or what but that shit was good as fuck. So good that I'm proud I didn't get myself pregnant. Anyways, I'm gonna need a lot to do this upcoming nine months to dam near two years. I figure I get a job cause I need one badly, and get back in school and jump start my fabulous career I have planned for myself. By that time it should time for my love to come back. It's going to be a long journey, but you guys are all in for the ride. I'll have nothing to do but blog. Aren't you guys lucky lol j/k. I can't wait til the day he comes back. Every time he leaves he always finds me first so I'm not too worried.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


So I dnt think I like chicks bald. Some chicks are very pretty && can pull it off but every time I see a bald chick it kinda freaks me out, && makes me feel uncomfortable. Cassie. Hhmmmm.... is this a publicity stunt? She is very pretty with naturally good hair. WTF? This behavior is uncalled for. Its crazy what ppl are doing now days for attention and to try and stand out. I feel like this is outragous.


So nothing new has really been going on with me. I had a great Fucked up Friday. Didn't really do anything until the night time. I still need a job. && o yeah, my patna patna patna got out so we celebrated. I'm kinda getting over the whole myspace facebook thing && think I might try a twitter page. idk though. Uhmmmm..... not really much I have to say about myself right now so .....


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Terrible turned Terriffic!!

So as I stated before, I have a name for everyday of the week. So Tuesday is Terrible Tuesday because nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday. But this week my Terrible Tuesday was Terrific!! I seen "MR.MAN" AGAIN!!! && once again, it was perfect. This time he spent the night ova my house && I enjoyed it. It was just like the good ol days when we was actually together. We've known each other for like five years && went together twice for a total of two years && here comes the good part. We haven't fucked until this week!! Wow I knw!! Talk about a bitch think she bad...... any who. I knew he would brighten up my day && that he absolutely did. Thanx "MR.MAN"!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No Move Monday

So yesterday was my first day having a blog. I have no followers but myself : ). I have a name for everyday of the week. Yesterday was no move Monday and it never fails that it's never a move on Monday. So after I got all excited about finally gettin up the balls to create my on blogspot, I sat around for a while and jus got STOOPID fucked up. sad thing about it was it was only like 5 p.m. I need a effin job bad.

Off subject I realized I have shaky hands. Idk. The sad thing is I dnt expect today to be any better. It's Terrible Tuesday. Something always goes bad on tuesday. Only thing I'm looking forward to today is seeing "MR. MAN". That'll brighten my day up jus fine.

Hope I gain more followers today. Read. Enjoy. Comment. Love!

Monday, April 6, 2009

"MR.MAN" && I

So I seen HIM yesterday. We'll just call HIM, "MR.MAN".

We've known each other since I was in like the 8th grade. When we first met each other, we was going at it. Just cursing each other out && everything. But I liked that shit. So we became cool && was just real good patnas for like a year or so before we finally made it official. We had a good relationship for the most part. It had bumps and curves( lying && cheating ((not on my part))) but we were happy with each other && that's what makes ppl stay together. So we went at it for about a year && some change && ended our relationship but we remained good friends, considering the fact that we knew each other for a while before we started dating.

So while we're "just friends", mind you we fell in love and went thru some shit while we were together. Any who, "MR. MAN" deciedes he wants to better himself and get out of the street life which I was DEF all for by joining the ARMY. So while I wanted to my friend/lover better himself, I didnt want him to leave. But he did && came back a SEEMINGLY changed man.

So he comes back && approches me on sum getting back together shit. I wasn't having it. At least I thought I wasn't lol. We get back together, go at it for about 6 or 7 months I say && he breaks up with me AGAIN. So I'm just hurt, heart broken.......hell I was pissed the fuk off. But thru it all, we ALWAYS remained friends.

So I haven't talked to this nigga for I say a year && some change. But I knew he would be leaving to go to IRAQ : ( soon so I figured I'd get back in contact with my favorite person.

So I seen "MR. MAN" yesterday : ). It was great. Perfect. I'm just gonna go out on da limb and say WOW. I'm his property, "so he says" and its true cause he's def mines. I'm not gne get too cocky on yall and say I'm ALWAYS #1 but dam. What I will say is "MR. MAN" ALWAYS comes home : ).

My first blog!!

Hello world!

I've lately been reading a lot of different types of blogs && stuff && loved the whole blogging idea. At first I didn't know wtf a blog was but now I think I love blogs. I feel I have a pretty interesting life so hey, why not let the world see a little side of me. I'm a simple prissy hood chick. I dnt take the prissy shit to the extreme..... I'm just a lady. Not a bitch. I'm a diva. Not because of Beyonce' cause I'm def not a fan of hers. But I'm truly a diva. Hood because of my mentality and what I stand for. I love simple things. Doesn't take much to plz me. But I do love going all out sometimes because I mean what girl doesn't love that stuff. Everyone likes to feel special every now &&d again. Um..... I guess as time goes on you guys will learn more and more about me. You can watch me go from total bliss to pissed off completely. I'll make this short since it's only my first blog.