Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ugh... thighs

So ladies, have you ever wished you had bigger thighs? If you answered no, you're smart. If you answered yes, trust me, you don't.
Having big thighs are crazy. Your pants will be super tight around the thighs and too big around the waist. WTF. It's hard to find pants to fit and you might even have to go UP in pants size. No chick wants to do that. It hurt my feelings when I had to do that. Also if your not used to wearing belts, they will become a necessity in your wardrobe, unless you like showing your ass.
It's just an inconvenience. All your shorts will always be rising above them and make your short shorts look extremely short. Ugghhh.....
Just a heads up for you ladies. I wish I had this heads up.

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