Thursday, September 17, 2009

So let me tell yall bout this shit. I'ma back track for a moment and really tell yall what's been going on with me. So I finally get this job after going on this interview for this new restaurant opening on my most hated part of town......* dun dun duuuun* the eastside. So I go on the interview and it's totally not what I expected. You see the day before*or maybe 2 days b4*, I had another interview at this place called Dirty Ratts. So while the name sounded familiar, I didn't know what kinda place this was. SO me and one of my best bitches go to fill out an application. So trns out it's some kinda strip club. Ok cool.... I can fuck with that. I'm only a waitress and I have no problem with strippers. So we go in, apply, and get a tour around the club. * In my ghetto voice* It was nicccceee. It had these vip booths that looked like beds and this secret looking upstairs NUDE bar with a studio in it. So mind you since we walked in the door it was a flick playing so I'm just thinking it be going down in there. So sfter the tour of the club, we end up back where we started and the manager(I'm guessing) calls us into his office one by one (there was another girl there applying to be a bartender)[+ the club wasn't open, it was around like 9p.m. and they didnt open til 12a.m.] and he hires us. Me and my bitch. So we thinking he don't know ehat the hell he geting hisself into hiring both of us and having both of us come back on Friday(it was like wed.) So both of us is just supper excited, calling people telling dem we got jobs and shit. We were still curious of what kinda club it was and what be going on in there so we would know what to expect. We go online and it says it's a swingers club. Off the rip we both like they be fucking in there and was a lil nervous about going to work that friday. So friday comes around and we had to be there at 12. We arrive and it started off ok. One man in there showed us what we had to do and then we just had to wait around for some customers. They usually didn't have customers til around 3 or 4 in the morning. So first, me and my bitch(her name is Jeannea btw) go sit at the bar area and planned on starting a convo with the other workers(which was nothing but strippers and the bartenders). As soon as we sit down the two bartenders tell us we can't sit there unless we were buying something.* blank stare* First I'm thinking....bitch ain't nobody even in here. But me and Jeannea get up, they proceed to tell us that all the waitresses sit at the first 3 tables to wait for customers. SO as soon as we sit at the table we both say that 1st, they were rude as fuck. 2nd, we thought it was some bullshit and they was just tryna make us sit there so all the old workers would have a lil laugh. No othere old waitresses were there. I'll get into that a lil later. So we wait for more waitresses and some come in and sit whereever the hell they wanted. We look at each other and give the look of war. Oh it was on!!!


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kittyluvscolor said...

LMFAO! Can you say bitches! I hate people like that!