Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Road trip!!!

So yesterday I went on a lil road trip. Not really, but kinda. Me and my homie just got some green(mary jane) and just drove around. I was sooooo high. I love dat shit. When I smoke I like to explore different things. Like I love reaggae music while smoking. I mean, I can't explain but it sounds really good. But I listen to reaggae even when I'm not high so idk. But on the roadtrip it feels like it made me see stuff other den what's in my hood. I'm a ppl person but in a different kinda way. I love going to the gas station cause its ppl there from all over and you get to just see a little insert into their lives. I can tell alot just from observing ppl. Like if they're rich, poor, mad, happy, stuck up, arrogant, going thru something...all that. But the roadtrip made me realize it's more to life than just the little part of the world I live in. Well that's it for now.

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