Saturday, September 12, 2009

A recovering sociopath

So I just learned two seconds ago that I used to be a sociopath. WTF!!! That word sounds so harsh. It makes me feel like I'm crazy. I was reading this blog entry which was pretty interesting, until I clicked on this link. While reading it I realized I used to posses most if not all of those qualities. Like I had 'not giving a fuck' bad. But that's how I looked at it, as if I just couldn't find a part inside me that could and would give a fuck about anything. I used to lash out on ppl and try to make them feel as low as possible, got kicked outta 3 schools for the same thing, I always appeared nice and sweet but was a devil in sheeps clothing, I always knew how to get exactly what I wanted( I even used my sociopath ways on my mom cause she used to spoil me like hell), I had no emotions, couldn't fall in love or nothing. I'm glad I've took it upon myself to change my ways cause I felt like I was going nowhere fast. Now I feel like a whole new person. This internet shit is pretty effin awesome!! I just did my 1st self diagnoses. A word to the wise, not giving a phuck is never a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that u were able to overcome that. according to that article folks usually don't change. will be following u soon as I get on my pc!j :)

Te Te said...

Thanks and I'm glad I decides to change also cause life is so much better now that I actually do care about things. I also found love!! Yay me!!Hope to hear more from you soon