Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Faking it

I really don't think niggas get it when it comes to faking it. Every man claims he can tell when a woman is faking it, but let's be honest..... they don't. I've faked it PLENTY of times b4 and

*giggling on the inside cause its so sad hehehe*

it's just so sad how every single last one of dem niggas just thought dey was slanging and had a good sex game.

* now I'm really laughing cause I'm pretty good at this*

I think I'm actually too good though cause I'll come out and tell da dumb ass later on dat I was faking. Do you know this jackass gone tell me " Na you wasn't faking, I had yo ass screaming." Uh duh, it was all a show, just gave me something to do to keep from laughing at yo sorry ass.
I'm sorry, but in my crazy mind, you can't be called/looked at as a man if you gotta lil dick and can't fuck. I'm sorry but to me your nothing but a lil bitch. Might as well be a faggot(no offense). But seriously. I mean honestly, that's like THE only thing that makes you a man is the $5 foot long. Other than that you have no difference from a woman. Just my opinion.

It's crazy though cause til this day, one of the smallest footlongs I've encountered still thinks he was just great and was slanging a "telephone pole." Ugh pa-leez.

*rolls eyez*

I feel its just so sad that men claim they know when a womans faking and has never had a woman fake it with them, but in reality, I bet every man has had at least 1 woman fake it with them, unless they got dat $5 foot looooooong. Te he


Enigma Jones said...

This is so true!! Whenever dudes tell me how good their peen game is I give them the ultimate side eye and ask how they know. Most of them say it's from the girl's reaction and I have to bust their bubble and let them know that chicks fake AL THE TIME--especially if they in love and wanna stroke their man's ego. I fake it because, like you, I try to keep from laughing. My friends call it me "performing". lol One times I had this dude and we were going at it and I could tell he was really trying to put work in- he was all grunting and sweating, meanwhile I was literally yawning into the pillow. He started talking shit and I couldn't stop myself from busting out laughing. lmao. He asked me what was funny and to spare is feeling I told him I was just so shocked because he was really busting my ass and I didn't expect it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. The same dude used to just get limp all of a sudden and would tell me that I was "pushing him out". I kept saying no I'm not and then he was like "what you trying to say? My dick don't be hard?". I couldn't even look him in the eye after that. If you have to ask ME, if YOUR dick is hard, that's a major problem. Sucks too b/c he was a good boyfriend despite being wack in the sack. We didn't last long and that was the only time we ever had sex. Oh memories... lol

Te Te said...

hahaha..... girl I had a limper one time too.... we're still friends n i'll never tell him hahaha....it's just so funny how niggas r. glad i'm a chick. my shit work even when its bleeding and bout to have a baby come out of it.

JStar said...

lol...Been there sooo many times...I never tell them, I just move on...Can we say "Next"....

Te Te said...

Hahaha.... I mean I used to be a sociopath, I liked to belittle ppl. But yea.... keep it moving if I have to fake it with you. If I'm faking, I'm more than likely thinking bout dat otha nigga dat put it down last time(whenever dat may have been).