Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will never do this drug again

So I tried popping pills before just because I was curious. But man. I will never do this drug ever again. Don't get me wrong, this shit is great but I don't think I can handle that lifestyle. Like while you're rolling ( the feeling you get while under the influence of extacy), the feeling is great. Just fuckin awesome but you dont have any control over the decisions you make. Looking back on my actions from the time period I did pop pills, I'm kinda embarrassed and it makes me giggle a little too. I was trying to fight niggas ( who does that?), trying to fuck anything walking ( extacy makes you SUPER horny), and like my mind frame was all screwed up. I'm not knocking ppl that pop pills, they either have no problem making stupid decisions or are a stronger minded person than me. I just can't do that shit any more. I haven't done that since April I think. I'm proud of myself. I'm glad I was smart enough to stop. I'm lying. "MR.MAN" told me a horrible story and made me promise I would stop. I'm glad I have his ass in my life cause I swore up n down that it wasn't getting the best of me. Oh yea, stay away from the blue ones, they make you retarded. They are the best but you'll be so out of it, you wouldn't know what to do. The red ones are the next best and whatever you do, NEVER EVER pop a white one. OMG. They're cocaine based. Brown ones are herione based. Anybody out there pop or have popped pills? Share your stories.

P.S. I chose this pic cause it looks like a make-up palette. hehe

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