Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cut ppl off

Have the sense that everyone is not your friend. Be able to make positive decisions about the company you keep. Don't let everyone know where you stay and make sure when dealing with anyone, make sure you know where their mama stay. So if some shit go down, you already know what to do. That's how I lead my life. I don't need all the excess baggage. I'm fine having just a few friends. Shit I'd be fine having no friends at all. In the end I'm coming out on the top and the less ppl I associate myself w/ the better. Less ppl to bring me down. less worries and less drama. I only fuck w/ ppl trying to better themselves one way or another. Ppl with big dreams. You are the company you keep so if you hang w/ someone whos life is headed nowhere, then baby girl/boy, yours is pretty much headed that way too. Everyone has dreams of all the best things in life. Why not go for it? I know I am and all my bitches is too. We'll see yall at the top.

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