Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing "MR.MAN", fuckery, natural hair, friends, make-up artist, new music? & new tattoo!!!

So how have you guys been? Good I hope. I haven't really been feeling like blogging because I've been in weird moods. My "MR.MAN" is off in another country and I miss him. Also this haven't been going my way at all. I did decide that I want to get serious about doing make-up though. That's a plus. Ummm lets see, more good news....... O I'm not pregnant! I started hanging back with my two bitches that I been trying to make time for for like the longest. We been cool since 9th grade. I love dem hoes. I cut ALL da stupid ppl off in my life. It's amazing how fuckin retarded ppl are. I swear most ppl don't know they have COMMON SENSE. But hey that's they problem. I also cut back on getting fucked up all da time. I need to find some ppl in da A that I can do shit with. Like I need a movie partner. I used ta absolutely HATE going to the movies but I guess I've grown and plus a lot of good movies have been coming out so I need someone to go to the movies with me or someone to email me movies and we talk about it and stuff you know. I also want a hair buddy. you know like someone who's hair I can do and they can do mines. That's pretty much self explanitory. O! So I'm having THE hardest time with my natural hair. It's soooo poofy!! I usually keep it braided but I'm wearing it out now. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it? The good thing is that it IS growing though. I think by next summer I should have some good length on it and I MIGHT perm it. Idk. If I find a way to control it then I'll stay natural. Any one hear any new good songs lately? If so let me know. I'm very open minded so the genre doesn't matter. O yea I got a new tattoo! It's "MR.MAN"'s name. The question I always get is....."he got yo name tattooed on you?". Well...... the answer is no. I didn't get his name tatted on me for an exchange of him getting mines. My nigga is over in another country right now and I got it. Not cause I miss him or any of that. I love my nigga. We been with each other off n on for like 4 or 5 years. Yes years, not months. He made a huge impact on my life. It's way deeper than you guys could even imagine. Shit I got it cause I wanted it. I could care less if he gets my name or not. I mean Yes I would like it but it's no big deal. I make my own decisions. But it's really big! It's not even finished. I wanted to stop cause I was in sooo much pain. I'm gonna cut this short cause now I'm just rambling on and on. I hope to get you guys comments and let me know some things!!

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